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RM 209.00


🔸 Posh 34 : 
          ▪ 34cm Wok (Double Ear Handles) + Lid
          ▪ 316 Stainless Steel        

          ▪ Height - 9.5CM

          ▪ Weight – 2.6kg

  🔸 Posh 36 : 
          ▪ 36cm Wok (Double Ear Handles) + Lid
          ▪ 316 Stainless Steel        

          ▪ Height - 10.5CM

          ▪ Weight – 2.8kg

 ðŸ”¸ Posh 40 : 
          ▪ 40cm Wok (Double Ear Handles) + Lid
          ▪ 316 Stainless Steel        

          ▪ Height - 13.5CM

          ▪ Weight – 3.4kg

🔸Posh 42 : 
          ▪ 42cm Wok (Double Ear Handles) + Lid
          ▪ 316 Stainless Steel        

          ▪ Height - 13.5CM

          ▪ Weight – 3.8kg

Product Description

Our 7-ply clad POSH 2.0 SERIES  comes in 

🔸 Premium Quality 316 Grade Stainless Steel Body and Handles 

🔸 Tempered glass and steam release lid with Round Steel knob

🔸 Double Sided – with honeycomb texture on the inside and turbine concave-convex texture at the bottom of the wok/pan

Why choose our Honeycomb Series?

🔸 Even Heat Distribution - You can have perfectly cooked and seared food.
Easy To Clean - No more scrubbing and soaking baked messes after cooking.
Non Stick - Healthy Cooking without adding calories into your food.
Scratch Resistance - Being able to use metal utensils without the fear of scratching the surface due to the raised hex stainless steel protective barrier.
🔸 7 ply clad Stainless Steel cookware is made by 7 different layers of metal bonded together.  Hence the durability of our HONEYCOMB SERIES COOKWARE.


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